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The Direct Seller's Podcast

May 19, 2020

Let’s talk about shame.  Shame is a liar!  Shame has no place in your life.  Shame will hurt you, your family, and your business.

In this episode, Rachel Perry is going to go deep and talk about the topic of shame and even guilt. Shame and guilt will hold you down and keep you from empowering others, serving others, and offering the gift of your presence to others. Rachel leads and encourages you to find the source and remove the brick wall of shame so that you can achieve all that you are meant to in life and your business!

Show Highlights:

  • At 3:29 – Let’s talk about “shame”
  • At 4:10 – Shame & guilt go hand in hand
  • At 5:41 – Shame has no place!
  • At 5:54 -  Where does your shame come from?
  • At 8:07 – We put shame on ourselves
  • At 8:56 – You are more than you “labels”
  • At 10:28 – You are a blessing to others
  • At 11:03 – Shame in success
  • At 13:59 – Success doesn’t just come to you, you need to work for it
  • At 14:27 – Shame is a brick wall
  • At 14:59 – It’s ok to want more!
  • At 15:44 – Everyone has an opportunity
  • At 16:15 – There is no shame in direct sales
  • At 17:06 – Direct sales can open the door to entrepreneurship
  • At 19:13 – You are empowering other women!
  • At 19:55 – Challenge yourself
  • At 20:35 – There is more for you!
  • At 20:50 – Rachel wants to hear from YOU!