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The Direct Seller's Podcast

May 12, 2020

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness month?  With the recent quarantine and isolation in most parts of the world, there has been a decline in mental health making people much more aware of the great need for a focus on mentally staying healthy.

In this episode, Rachel gets real and shares her very own struggle and experience with her mental health. She understands how crippling it can be and how vital it is to be healthy mentally so that other areas of your life are not negatively affected.  While the term mental illness can carry a stigma, Rachel wants to help you remove that judgment from your thoughts as she shares the lessons she has learned that have helped her to stay healthy during this time of social isolation and distancing.

Show Highlights:

  • At 3:05 – What is mental health?
  • At 4:20 – Examples of common disorders
  • At 6:16 – COVID -9 is anxiety-producing
  • At 6:55 – Rachel’s disclaimer
  • At 8:15 -  Mirroring feelings
  • At 9:58 – Anxiety can be crippling
  • At 11:28 – Share your story
  • At 11:38 – You are not alone
  • At 14:18 – Know your triggers
  • At 16:20 – Mindset matters
  • At 17:12 – You do you!
  • At 17:50 – Lessons learned
  • At 20:30 – Rachel’s top tips

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