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The Direct Seller's Podcast

May 5, 2020

With so many businesses being forced to utilize virtual options during this pandemic, it is a great time to leverage video to help grow YOUR business.  Don’t be intimidated by the camera or overthinking your content, you ARE your brand all the time!

In this episode, Rachel Perry invites Empowerment and Content Coach, Kyle Draper to the podcast to breakdown “passive branding” to help you create content for your brand and feel empowered to share it through video. Kyle will help you navigate the many changes that are heading your way or have already arrived on Facebook, so you will find it easy and entertaining for your customers to connect relationally through video. Don’t miss this episode so you can literally see your business through a new lens!

Show Highlights:

  • At 3:11 – Welcome to Kyle Draper
  • At 4:32 – Video is a mirror
  • At 6:30  – Get yourself in front of people
  • At 7:00  – Passive Branding
  • At 8:52 -  You are your brand all the time
  • At 11:30 – You need to be intentional
  • At 11:50 – Don’t overthink it!
  • At 12:22 – We are prone to “say things” instead of “tell stories”
  • At 14:50 – The 2 reasons you struggle with content
  • At 15:49 – Your people want YOU!
  • At 17:00 – Book recommendation from Kyle
  • At 17:50 – Know who your ideal client is
  • At 18:40 – Shout out to Premier Designs
  • At 19:25  – Get focused!
  • At 21:33 – Changes to Facebook
  • At 24:50 – You can be relational through video
  • At 29:55 – Focus on educating, not selling
  • At 30:19 -  Successful people don’t have time to beg!

Connect with Kyle

IG: @coachkyledraper/